Here in Oregon we are blessed with numerous opportunities to fish for Salmon. We predominantly fish for Chinook and Coho salmon. Chinook are known for making long, hard, powerful runs. They can grow to be in excess of 50 pounds. Coho salmon are smaller than Chinook. They are known for being very agile and acrobatic. Both Chinook and Coho salmon are extremely fun to catch and are both  guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping!

 The Spring Chinook salmon begin running as early as February. These salmon are the most sought after salmon of them all. They have hundreds of miles of river to run to reach their spawning grounds so when they enter the lower Columbia River they have major fat reserves stored up for them to survive on. Those fat reserves are what make Spring Chinook so oily, sweet tasting, and such coveted table fair. I begin targeting spring Chinook in mid March. I will continue salmon fishing until I leave in June to guide at Alaska Salmon Camp. I resume salmon fishing in Astoria Oregon when I return from Alaska. By late July the bulk of the salmon run, including Chinook and Coho, are staging along the Oregon coast gorging themselves on Anchovies and Herring preparing themselves for the long run upriver to spawn as well. The total number of salmon can amount to over a million fish per year on the Columbia River alone! I continue salmon fishing on the Columbia River until late October. 

As the year rolls on Chinook salmon will continue moving into the Columbia River and her tributaries as well as on the Oregon coastal rivers.  The salmon run on the coast will run all the way through the end of the year.